The Mortensen Family standing outside in front of a hill with many trees

The Story of Karie Anne's

Told by Damon and Jessica Mortensen

Our venture into the world of frozen desserts began in an unexpected way.

In Rexburg, Idaho, Karie Anne's Frozen Desserts was ingeniously conceptualized by a student to fulfill a college requirement. Recognizing the immense potential of this concept, we saw an opportunity to grow the idea and make an impact on our community.

Intertwining our entrepreneurial spirit with the student’s innovation, we acquired the concept, opening the door of opportunity for the brand and our family.

But our desire was not about merely filling hours, nor was it just to make a fun investment. Rather, it stemmed from a profound vision to make a mark in the broader community.

a Karie Anne's Frozen Desserts sign above a storefront

our first location


the inside of a Karie Anne's Frozen Dessert store

the original menu


To fulfill that vision, the business had to resonate with five core values:

a line of people waiting to order from a Karie Anne's Frozen Desserts truck

the original dessert truck


a selection of gelatis and italian ice resting on the ground in front of a dessert truck.

our flavors


What started as a student’s academic endeavor blossomed into a reality. From Rexburg, Karie Anne's Frozen Desserts expanded to Logan, Utah, and Pocatello, Idaho, turning a heartfelt passion project into a bustling seasonal business.

During our inaugural franchise season, we celebrated the openings of new locations in Boise, ID; Herriman, UT; and Provo, UT—and the journey continues, with plans for more outlets in the offing.

Each location stands as a testament to the brand’s commitment to quality and community spirit.

Our Mission Statement


At Karie Anne's Frozen Desserts, our journey begins with joy and a heartfelt commitment to quality. From the vision of our founders—the Mortensen family in Rexburg, Idaho—we've grown with the drive to create cherished memories for every customer. Our desserts aren't just treats; they are symbols of community, family, and entrepreneurial spirit. We believe in fostering a nurturing environment for our employees and providing opportunities for the next generation. As we expand, we are "scooping up sunshine, one Gelati at a time".